Seeking news and resources about homelessness
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I'm looking for relevant and frequently updated sources of news (preferably online) about homelessness and related issues: poverty, supportive housing, etc.

I just started a job as the communications manager for a supportive housing facility for homeless women, and I'm looking for good examples of things I should read and link to in our social media. I'm already following Twitter accounts for several other nonprofits that focus on homelessness, but any additional sources would be greatly appreciated, whether they're blogs, twitter accounts, academic sources, nonprofits, or just knowledgeable individuals. Thanks!
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Different question but you might be interested in some of the answers I got here.
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Also, there's been a lot of coverage lately about the housing first model, including in the New Yorker. Googling "Housing first" and "Utah" will get you a bunch of recent articles. Again, I know this is a little different from your question about ongoing resources.
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The Canadian Social Research Newsletter is very well done. The content is not limited to Canadian news.
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Best answer: If you're not already following, check out the Invisible People Twitter feed. Updated often and a really great starting point. (The Invisible People project itself may be of interest, but you're going to find a lot more news from their social media presence.)
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Rev. Andy Bales of the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles tweets about homelessness policy and news coverage.
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This is probably more broad than will be really useful to you, but you could check out Bread for the World Hunger in the News.
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I find the Homeless Hub newsletter is always interesting.
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