Launching a Brand: How?
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I have a concept for a brand that could encompass several different products (toys, books, clothing etc.) and have a somewhat retro 70's feel to it. Aside from a DIY approach (utilizing Cafepress or something similar) what other options do I have for taking the idea further? In other words, who would be open to pitches? At this point, I only have the concept and logo.
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Send it to me. I'll take it from here.

Just kidding.
Just be sure to get things patented and/or copyrighted.
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Best answer: You'll need a lot more than a concept or a logo. The first thing you'll want to do is create prototypes to further flesh out your ideas. There are also local companies that will work with you to create mock-ups, but it won't be cheap. I'm working with a local printing company to create and test some products (I make magnetic things). It was important to me to figure out how much time and money everything costs. Also, it was important to determine the right materials and how they would hold up to wear and tear. Anyway, the plan is to market to local trendy businesses until I can get enough orders (I do a lot on my own) to justify financing a larger scale contract and finding distributors.

Your situation might be a bit different if you aren't interested in producing things on your own. I prefer the DIY approach because I retain a maximum amount of control. Plus, I feel that my ideas will be worth more if I can prove that they are marketable on a small scale. However, you will need prototypes or some good art if you want to be successful with a pitch.
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The Common Wisdom.
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What do you need? A lot of money.
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