Packable/collapsible shoulder bag
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Hey mefites! I'm looking for a shoulder bag that packs down to nothing that I can throw into my luggage. I would use it to carry essentials on the other side. Timbuk2 magic messenger fits the bill but is no longer sold. Sea to summit sling is an option, but is there anything else out there?
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Golite Daylite Messenger.
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Sea to Summit day pack (I have one and it's awesome). Similar to the shoulder sling you linked.
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Tom Bihn shoulder bag

I'm using this on a trip right now as my day bag and on-flight essentials bag and I love it. I can unclip the strap from my main bag and clip it to the shoulder bag as needed, so that makes it even more compact. It's super light material and folds down to nothing.
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I will forever swear by my beloved Rick Steves Civita Shoulder Bag. It's surprisingly roomy, can be squished into a ball and stuffed into a pocket with minimal effort, and the fabric is wonderfully soft, which makes it an excellent DIY travel pillow.
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I use and love Flip & Tumble bags. I have some of the 24/7 bags but it looks like they also have tote and messenger bags. I've had my F&T bags for about 7 years now and use them regularly and they're still like new.
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Crumpler's Ultralight bags are designed for this and come in a variety of sizes and shapes.
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I'm a fan of LeSportsac for this purpose. There are many options (even the huge weekender bag I have from them folds down into nothing), but here are some suggestions:

Ziptop Rollup Tote

Small Cleo Crossbody

True Messenger
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This is super lightweight: Chico Bags.
I've been using the Sling for years (with heavy wet gym clothes strung from my wheelchair handles) and it's still working swell. Additional plus is you can wash the whole bag when you spill some wine in it. Folds into an attached bag the size of your fist, also cheap.
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Baggallini makes several bags that might be suitable. I generally love Tom Bihn's stuff, but the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag that heatherann mentioned is too unstructured for me; on the shoulder, it slumps into a hammock shape unless you put something like a Michelin guidebook in it to give it structure. On the other hand, I love the Bihn packing cube backpacks. The Co-Pilot is sometimes available in a Dyneema fabric, too, which would make it a possible candidate. Bihn's various Café Bags might also work (link is to large, but there are other sizes).
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