Make over my makeup kit! Difficulty: Rite Aid.
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I'm officiating my little brother's beach wedding tomorrow, and I discovered WAY too late that my rarely-used makeup collection was a lot more, uh, congealed and icky than I realized. The only place I'll be able to stop to refresh it, though, is a Rite Aid. I'm not great at picking makeup to begin with, and the additional deadline is cranking the pressure up to 11! Makeup gurus of AskMe, I could really use your help...

My kit was inadequate before, and after purging the old crap, I'm left with the following:

-an eyelash curler
-Maybelline Great Lash mascara in Very Black (new)
-Rimmel Show Off lip lacquer in Solstice (used for another recent wedding, so road tested)
-a small set of makeup brushes

...and that's about it. This will never do. The stuff I pitched included all the eyeshadow, some under eye concealer, blush, and translucent powder. I suppose I should replace those, but, uh...with what?

About me: I'm at the tail end of my thirties, but I've got a pretty decent (if rather oily) complexion. Dark hair, pale skin, green eyes--your classic Winter, if you remember that stuff.

Please, AskMe, you're my only hope!
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YouTube is your friend in this situation, there are thousands of 'one store look' videos out there and drugstore starter kit videos and I'm sure you'll find something comparable to Rite Aid. I'm an Aussie so not 100% sure what you can get there.

I'd say you will need a foundation, or mineral powder - Bourjois Happy Light liquid is a fave of many people.
Concealer - Maybelline Age Rewind with the weird sponge tip.
Powder - Rimmel Stay Matte
One all over eye colour - Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Taupe or Bronze (you can use a small flat brush to apply some to the bottom lash line if you need)
A black or brown eye liner if you feel you need it.
Blush or bronzer - I like essence, but most brands do good matte blushes.

You might want to pick up a makeup sponge to apply foundation.

Add your mascara and lip gloss and you're good to go.
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I see they carry Rimmel 25 hour foundation. I use this product and find it provides good coverage, while minimizing oiliness around my nose and chin, and it stays put! You may want to finish it with a translucent powder, especially if it's going to be hot. If you feel comfortable with it, I'd recommend a darker and more opaque lipstick than you're currently using. It's a hot look for fall. To apply such a lipstick, I cover my lips with the foundation that's going on my face, then outline lips in a colour close to that which I'm applying, filling in to avoid obvious lines, then applying lipstick over that. This minimizes lipstick transfer and the need to keep re-applying lip colour. To really make green eyes 'pop', use purple tones for eyeshadow, or liner. Because I'm a total klutz at applying eye shadow, I actually use a purple mascara, which does the job without all that messy contouring that I fail at, with a subtle purple eyeliner at the corner of the eye. Don't worry, you can get all that you need at Rite Aid, and they may even have an advisor there who can help you find the shades that will best suit you.
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I've been happy with everything in the Revlon Photoready line. I have the Metropolitan eyeshadow palette from this group and I used it up. The nice thing about a compact with multiple colors in it is that everything is already color coordinated.

If you don't have a lot of practice picking out makeup, just follow what it says on the packages. Some packages say "for green eyes," "for hazel eyes," etc. Figure out if you have a cool or warm skin tone and pick blush based on that.

One thing that might be new since you've makeup shopped is BB cream. I commend it unto you. It's kind of a combo of moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation. I loathe foundation because it is heavy and gross, but I don't mind BB cream. For a beach wedding, the protection of BB cream might be nice. There are a bunch of different brands. Since it's so sheer, you don't have to match the shade exactly, just pick fair, medium, or whatever will work for you.

Loreal has high-quality powder and foundation but my experience is the powder is darker on the face than you'd expect so if you're between 2 shades, choose the lighter one. But personally, I'd get the BB cream.

I also love the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer with the weird sponge tip! I was going to suggest it but it just seemed too random.

Other things I have learned, from years of drugstore shopping:

* The name is not the color. If it's called "Ocean," but it looks purple, it is purple.
* Hold it up to your face. You may have to grab a hand mirror from another aisle to do this. But if you want say, a pinkish blush, grab a couple that speak to you and hold them up to your face and look in the mirror. Usually the right one just leaps out at you (and it's not the one you thought it would be).
* If you just really LIKE something, even if you don't seem to have a real reason, then get it because it will look good on you.

Good luck! You will do fine. And if you just can't decide, then buy a ton of super cheap colors from the Wet 'n' Wild section and experiment in your hotel room.
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If the Great Lash isn't waterproof and you think you might tear up, you might get new mascara anyway.

Foundation: Revlon's Photoready is good, since it won't flash white in photos. If you go the BB cream route, I like Maybelline.
Undereye concealer: Maybelline Dream Lumi gets a lot of love on MUA. I also like Garnier's.
Blush: If they carry Milani, the baked blushes are nice.
Eyeshadow: Maybelline Colour Tattoos are indeed awesome. Also, Wet N Wild does good eyeshadows. selfmedicating's right, the line's pretty strong overall for how cheap it is -- you could do way worse than a lot of their stuff.
Eyeliner: Depending on your preference. Pencil -- Milani's Liquid Eye or Rimmel's Scandalize. Liquid -- Physician's Formula Eye Booster (Ultra Black is much blacker than just Black, which is pretty much charcoal) Gel -- Maybelline or L'Oreal both have good formulas.
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Weddings = pictures, so it's important to get makeup that does well in photographs.

Foundation: avoid foundation with SPF. Most of them flash white in pictures.
Blush: I recommend matte blush as shimmery blushes tend to make me look oily.
Powder: YES especially if you are oily.
Mascara: if your mascara is old, toss it. Old mascara is clumpy and a breeding ground for all kinds of bad stuff. I like Cover Girl mascaras.
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I just went through this!

Forty years old, over a decade since I've worn make-up, and I needed some things to wear to an upcoming wedding. I'm also a winter, with dark hair, pale skin and blue eyes.

I went to Priceline (a local chemist chain) and was assisted by a very helpful lady -- so my first suggestion is to throw yourself on the mercy on the staff. But in case they don't have anybody working the make-up aisle, here's what I ended up getting: foundation, blush, eyeliner, one shadow to wear as a lid colour, mascara, lipstain. Add in translucent powder and a lipgloss I already own and that'll be my wedding-guest look.


- Most brands didn't have a foundation shade pale enough for me, so I ended up purchasing the store brand, but I would've chosen Revlon's Nearly Naked if they'd had Ivory in stock. Like you, I have pretty good skin, so I just wanted something lightweight.

- A basic rose blush. I went with Rimmel Blush in 120 Pink Rose.

- Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in 201 Black. I've never been able to put on eyeliner, but this little twist-up pencil is amazing. Soft and easy to apply.

- Essence Eyeshadow in 68 Strawberry Ice Cream (pale pink). This is on the border of being too shimmery for me, but since it's a wedding I figure it'll be okay. You could also go a soft brown or taupe.

- Revlon Colorburst Lip Stain in 001 Honey (rosy pink). Looks like a giant crayon, easy to put on, and supposedly stains your lips. I'm planning on wearing this topped with a pink gloss.

- Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex Mascara, but with hindsight, I probably should've gone for a waterproof one.

One thing worth mentioning if you rarely buy make-up is that a lot of things have shimmer and/or microglitter in them these days, even items I wouldn't have expected, like blush and lipgloss. So you want to check packaging carefully unless you don't mind that.
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My own drug-store must-haves are the following:

*Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner in 201 Black. Yes, Georgina! This is the only eyeliner I have that doesn't smudge (and I've tried all of the expensive brands). I have about five in my purse right now. The best. Other colors seem to have less staying power.

*Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in any color that suits you. I use a reddish one called Standout because I have darker skin. Since you're pale, Elusive looks like a nice creamy, pink color for you. Stays on for a long time. Avoid the ColorStay lipstick! It flakes off strangely.

*Loreal BB cream. Light and doesn't get cakey if you put powder over it.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I'm just heading out to go shopping, and your tips have been extremely helpful! I will report back with the results, of course.
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Oh the heck with screwing with buying new makeup.

Go to any beauty parlor near you and ask them if they can do your make up for you. It'll probably cost the same, a pro will do it for you, and you will have no worries!
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Rite-Aid's return policy is great: "Any opened or used beauty product of any brand name can be returned for a full refund when accompanied by a receipt." This helps a lot when you're buying new makeup that you can't try on.
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Response by poster: For the record, I went with the following:

Face-- L'Oreal BB Cream and the Maybelline Age Rewind with the weird sponge tip
Eyes-- Revlon Photoready in Metropolitan, and one of the recommended eyeliners
Lips-- Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Sultry
Cheeks-- a Milani blush

Everything worked out much better than expected, although the mirror situation at the hotel was woefully inadequate. Still, the pictures are in, and I looked pretty decent if I do say so myself. Thanks everyone!
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