Long distance D/s Relationship Tips
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My wife and I are in a 24/7 D/s relationship - she's the Domme, I'm the sub. Work is requiring me to spend most of my time in a city hundreds of miles away - I get back for most weekends but am on my own working 12+ hours a day during the week. Her moving is not an option. Any tips on how to keep the intensity up while I'm away?
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My only suggestion is a chastity cage, but there are a lot of ideas to be found with a little googling, as quite a few D/s relationships start as long-distance ones.
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I'm not in this kind of relationship, but I read a pretty hot story in an erotica collection once* -- what if she emails or texts you her instructions, and you have to respond with proof that you have done so?

*"I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV"
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Can she install some spying apps on your phone and use that info to issue commands and corrections?
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My former master had me put a webcam in various rooms and would monitor me from time to time. That was pretty hot.

If you're not already on Fet Life join and ask this question there. You'll get lots of suggestions. Good luck!
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