High-resolution, public-domain, landscape photography archives?
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I'm looking for high-resolution (full-color or gray-scale), public domain archives of landscape photography (specifically of terrains and mountains).

I'm interested in majestic photos that are similar in feel to the landscapes that appear in the intro of “Prometheus”, the last 20 minutes of “2001: A Space Odyssey,” as well as the photography of Edward Burtynsky and Ansel Adams.
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Best answer: Try Pixabay; doing a search for "mountains" brings up over 8,000 results. (Keep in mind that the "Sponsored Images" that show up at the top of search results are from Shutterstock and not public domain; the ones hosted by Pixabay are all public domain.)
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Best answer: Oh, and I meant to mention, Wikipedia also has a great list of public domain image resources that you could / should check out.
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Best answer: Unsplash is Creative Commons Zero high-res photography that often is of landscapes and such.
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You can use Google Image Search. Make sure you click "Search tools", then filter by size (minimum X MP), type (photography) and usage rights.
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