Reliable and fast VPN with servers in Columbus Ohio?
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Hi, I need a reliable and fast VPN with servers in Columbus Ohio, and that somehow makes my internet disconnect if the VPN disconnects. Any recommendations? Thanks
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I've been quite happy with Private Internet Access. They have a midwest server, but I don't know if it's in Columbus. It has the disconnect feature you want.
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Seconding PIA -- reliable and fast, and has a "VPN kill switch". Cheap, also.
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Doesn't seem like PIA will work for me:

According to their support: Hi crawltopslow, my name is Colby.
We use various data centers across the globe, and I do apologize however Tier 1 support does not
have access to such information in regards to their geolocation.
posted by crawltopslow at 6:35 PM on September 26, 2014 has servers in Columbus Ohio, but no "kill switch"
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If you only allow VPN and DNS traffic out from your firewall that is effectively a kill switch for any VPN.
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PIA Server locations. Looks like no Columbus listed.
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@ridogi how do I do that?
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1. Assign a static local IP to the computer, or a static DHCP reservation if this is a laptop that will be taken off the LAN.
2. Make a rule that blocks any traffic from LAN to WAN from the static IP.
3. Make a rule that allows traffic from that local IP to the ports for just the VPN and DNS —assuming the VPN connects to a domain name and not a public IP. The ports to allow will vary based on the VPN you choose. It may be 1723 TCP. DNS is 53 TCP and UDP.
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