La La La lady biking in the rain and snow and slush seeks jacket
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I need a bike commuting jacket. I love love love this one from Betabrand BUT IT DOESN'T SHIP TIL JANUARY WHAT. Help me find an alternative to survive fall/winter in DC.

Here's what I'm looking for:

1) water resistant
2) warm enough to be worn alone during the fall; I'm anticipating having to layer in the winter. Mega bonus points for a 3-in-1 thang that I can wear year round.
3) hooded
4) relatively cute (at the very least, not ugly)
5) hip-length (butt covering so I don't get splattered but not too long)

My current raincoat is falling apart and isn't very breathable, especially with a bunch of layers underneath. I'd ideally like a jacket that I can just grab and go rather than getting a shell that I need to wear a heavy jacket underneath.

So far, I've been checking out backcountry and moosejaw but I've been a little disappointed. I like the water resistance of this jacket from Fjallraven but it doesn't seem like it's lined. I've also been checking out this one from Burton but I'm not sure if it will hold up.

Any ideas to keep this gal warm and dry for the next 6-9 months would be much appreciated!
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Check out the Novara Edgewater Jacket and Fells Point Poncho (both on sale right now). The Edgewater doesn't have a hood -- though on a bike a cycling cap actually works better.
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Best answer: I've been coveting this jacket from Title 9 Sports for awhile now. I like the idea of a slightly warmer all in one jacket that's not in anyway a down parka. And it looks cool.

Regarding three in ones, my Columbia Bugaboo is 10 years old and still going strong. You don't say if price is an object, but you can usually pick up last year's Bugaboos on Sierra Trading Post or Campmor for 1/2 price if you check regularly.
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This one will just hit your hip, but won't cover your entire butt: EMS Women's Thunderhead Jacket. 2014. Last year's version got me through a 20 minute commute during most of the Boston winter. When it got very cold, I would put on a thick fleece under it. I liked that I could easily roll it away for when I got warm, that it had pit zips, and that is was visible.

I found the biggest issue with winter biking is the sweating: 10 minutes into a ride, you start to sweat. My strategy was to start off knowing that the first five minutes I would be colder than I wanted to. And wear easy to adjust layers!

A couple of other things helped with winter biking:
- googles. I had a pair of lab googles for when it was raining hard: that way rain didn't blur my vision. I looked silly, but could see!
- leather gloves for rainy days. Have good gloves, because when your fingers get cold, you get cold
- buy splash guards for your bike! Splatter from mushy snow is the worst
- if you have a bag, get some sort of weatherproof guard for it. Or just keep a plastic bag to wrap around it.
- My friend taught me this: tie a plastic grocery bag around your seat. If you need to park your bike on a rainy/snowy day, just slip it over the seat. And it if gets gunky, you can just turn it into a trash bag!
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I'm not a cyclist so I can't comment on how either of these hold up on two wheels, but both seem to hit your wishlist and I love the fit and detail of both.

Sierra Designs All-Season Windjacket

REI Cress Creek Soft-Shell
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Best answer: You might want to check out Nau.
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oxisos got to it first, but the Nau bicycling jacket looks great, I bought it for my niece. Not cheap, Nau never is, but the quality is excellent.
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I was also going to say Nau. My Urbane Jacket is in the same aesthetic family as the Betabrand one you like. It does require additional layers in colder weather, though.
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I'd go for this bright yellow one from LLBean! Not the most "urban" in style, but it is going to give you amazing visibility, and save you almost $200 to spend on something else. Plus, the LLBean hoods work really well under your bike helmet.
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Best answer: I'll third Nau. Their clothing is not as high quality as it was in their first few years, but their jackets have held firm at an excellent meeting point of quality and price. Usually available nearly new at eBay.
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Chrome Pasha
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Watching this thread and eyeing the Title 9 jacket -- beautiful. Like the OP I want a biking jacket that is longer and warmer than a waterproof shell
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Came in to recommend the Pasha, I really like Chrome's bikewear, but dragon beat me to it
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Fourthing Nau. I am a guy, but I have bought three of their jackets over the last four years and have loved every one. I have a female cyclist friend who owns an early version of their Shroud of Purrin and still raves about it. My four year old Riding Jacket has seen me through multiple New England winter bike commutes and looks just as good as when I got it. The quality really is excellent
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Response by poster: If anyone is still following this, I got 2 presents in my email: Athleta has some great jackets and The Clymb has a 72 hour nau sale WOOOHOOOO. Thanks all!!
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