Where to find well-made, plaid wool blazers for women?
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I really like these from Boden, but the colors this year are not so great. Who else sells well-made, tailored, plaid/check wool blazers for women?

Here are the places I've checked, and rejected, this year for various reasons related to quality, fit, style, or color: J Crew, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Banana Republic, Jack Wills, Nordstrom, Macy's, Banana Republic, LL Bean, Lands End, Orvis, Eddie Bauer, Talbots, Pendleton, Madewell, and Ann Taylor. (I'd consider ebay, but I'm really picky about the fit and wool quality and matching patterns on the seams, and I haven't had the greatest luck.) I sew a lot of my clothes, but I'm not willing to sew a plaid wool blazer, or commission someone else. I need to be able to return it, if it's mail-order - I'm okay paying return shipping to Europe, if need be. (I'm in the US.)

I must be missing retailers! I'd like to spend less than $300, but I will definitely go higher if it's perfect, since I intend to hang on to it for years, like my other wool coats. It's okay to suggest retailers that don't have anything this season but usually carry something similar - this is the second year I've been looking, and I have a feeling it will last a third. (Ideally the blazer would be single-breasted, in neutral colors, come in petite sizes, hit at or slightly below the hip, have an interesting lining, and nice finishings - but I'm really looking for suggestions of retailers, and not of individual blazers, to make it easier.)

Thanks so much!
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You could try Zara. Their quality isn't the greatest overall, but I've been really happy with the coats and blazers I've bought there and they usually have at least a couple of plaid blazers in stock.

If you're willing to go way over $300, Stella McCartney has a very good reputation for blazers. You should take a look at some of the higher end department stores and websites (Neiman Marcus, Saks, Net-a-Porter, etc) to see if they carry anything that fits the bill.

If you're open to a less classic blazer, Vivienne Westwood might work. Costume National also does great blazers, but I don't know if they ever offer them in plaid.
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Etsy for vintage? There are heaps of beautiful vintage Pendleton blazers there, plus many from little-known older brands. Everything I've bought from well-reviewed sellers has come in great condition.
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Can you comment more about the fit problems you have been having? Many of the brands you mentioned usually have some good quality clothes, so it would be helpful to know what aspect about them didn't work out.

I know that you didn't want to have anyone make it for you, but given your price range and that you know exactly what you want, I would think about going to a tailor.
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Response by poster: troytroy - the main problem is I'm pretty petite (size 00 to 2) but busty (28E) with tiny shoulders and short arms - so to get a blazer to fit my chest and fit my shoulders has been a challenge. The size 0 schoolboy at J Crew has fit the best of all of them, but I don't love the colors this year. Most of the fit issues I am having are the shoulders and bust, which are hard to tailor. I can shorten sleeves - I just haven't found any blazers yet that would be worth the work or cost for a tailor. I should've included that info - thanks for asking.
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Check out Horse Country and look at hacking jackets. Might be a little longer and pricier than what you're describing, but the quality is impeccable. And length would be an easier fix than shoulder/bust fit. You want their online catalog, horsecountrycarrot.com.
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If your only problem with this year's Boden collection is the colours, check out their previous years' choices on Ebay.
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Ahh, the classic boobs problem. Check out Pepperberry. Based in the UK, they cater to busty women, and usually their quality is decent (read the comments section though!). They have a few blazers that might be of interest. However, their sizes start at size 8 UK (Size 4 US), so might be too big. I don't know if it would be possible to adjust it down to a size?
To get the fit right, I would search for companies that are aimed towards busty women.
(and I would personally avoid Zara: I find that their blazers are made for women with smaller busts)
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