Starbucks Dark Barrel Latte
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I'd like to try the Dark Barrel Latte that Starbucks is testing. I live in Orlando, which I know is a test area (I had a Golden Maple Latte last week, which they are selling here instead of Salted Caramel Latte). I've checked a few stores and haven't seen the Dark Barrel Latte yet. How can I find a location selling it? Is there a location finder that searches by menu? Some published list of test stores?
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I think the test area is Jacksonville, which seems to be confirmed by instagram (you can search the #darkbarrellatte tag and look at locations).
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You're on Twitter! Maybe send a tweet (or Direct Message? I'm not sure) to them. They have many accounts on Twitter but I'd start with this general Starbucks one.
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I googled around and it looks like there are no stores in Orlando selling this, instead they only have the Golden Maple Latte.
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