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I need to find a dry sauna that is awesome and fits a small number of reasonable criteria.

Arthritis sucks, and winter is coming. I'd like to find a dry sauna somewhere on the actual island of Manhattan, within about 20 blocks or so from my house so it's not a ridiculous haul. I need to bake this crappy ache out of my joints.

NB PLEASE do not suggest Spa Castle. I know everyone loves Spa Castle. I don't care about Spa Castle or any other inconveniently located places. Thank you and please enjoy your Spa Castle without me.

I would like:

- a dry sauna, not a steam room
- somewhere between let's say Canal St and 42nd St (i know there are a lot in koreatown, i just don't know which are the most awesome)
- if it is not always women-only then there should at least be gender segregated hours or days of the week, i am not interested in being half naked and sweaty with strange men
- it should be nice and clean obviously
- it should be a pay as you go/entry fee situation and not require a membership fee, unless that fee is nominal (under $50)
- other amenities are fine but I am not interested in anything but a dry sauna

my crackly joints thank you for you assistance in not recommending spa castle
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Do you belong to any of the major NYC Gym Chains or have a friend who will lend you a guest pass? NYHRC has dry saunas in some of their locations as does Equinox. This would be the cheapest option (if you have a friend with a gym membership)

There are definitely dry saunas in K-town... I think "Juvenex" is the one I went too- the pictures on yelp look about right. It was weird taking an elevator to a spa, but hey it was pretty relaxing. Looking at their website we had just done the "hang out" option which looks like this one and spent 2-3 hrs just going between sauna/hot tub etc.

The ultra cheap option, is the Russian Turkish Baths- but they are BAREBONES. I haven't been to the Russian Baths in the east village in probably 6-7yrs, but they do have women only hours (although I don't think the women only hrs are that conveniant) and are pretty cheap.
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Response by poster: I go to the Equinox in my building but there's only a steam room, alas.

YES I FORGOT ABOUT JUVENEX they're open 24h, right? YAY
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I'm about 90% certain that the Equinox on wallstreet has a dry sauna on the women's side. Of course that means you need to go to wallstreet... It might be worth asking the general manager at your location if they can check which services are where. Obvi making a special trip for a sauna kind of feels dumb sometimes, but I've traveled crosstown for hot tub when all the things hurts, so I get it.

And yes juvenex is the 24hr one.
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