Lidocaine patch substitute for child's neuropathy.
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Looking for a cool (as in chilly), inexpensive, gel-like patch to replace Lidocaine patches for a child with nerve pain.

Little Orsonet, who is 7, has small nerve fiber neuropathy which manifests as a burning sensation in her feet. The pain varies in intensity and is not present all the time. Her neurologist just prescribed Lidocaine patches, which we tried today and she loves them.

Yeah! However, they are $8 a patch ($240 for a month's supply of the generic) and Medicaid doesn't pay for them. She's on Medicaid because she was adopted through foster care. I have a hunch that what she likes about them is the cool gooeyness (sp?) rather than the actual lidocaine and I'd like to test that hypothesis by finding a patch that I can buy over-the-counter for, hopefully, a lot less money.

I found this on Amazon, but it's basically the same price. I've looked at pain patches, but some of them contain aspirin (a no-no) and most of them appear to lack the cooling gel goodness. Anyone have any suggestions? A worried mom appreciates any input.

If it's relevant, she takes 5 ML of Gabapentin twice a day and Tramadol as needed.
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They aren't super cheap, but they are cheaper than that and can be reused: lansinoh soothing gel breast pads intended for nursing mothers.
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Will she be walking on them (or at least walking on them a lot), or is it something she does with her feet up?
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What about Biofreeze? Its not a patch, but I would use those exact adjectives (cool and gooey) to describe the sensation.
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She doesn't need to be able to walk on them.
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there are menthol gel patches you can buy in the drugstore, and they are indeed cool and gooey.
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I immediately thought of BioFreeze too. I have chronic wrist pain and use it frequently and it sounds like what you describe.
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FWIW the ones you linked to are $6.99 for a four-pack, not per patch.
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The methanol gel patches that I like are Salon Pas. They are pretty cheap, and they give a cool feeling.
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Thanks everyone!
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Kool n Soothe Migraine The shipping isn't free but you might be able to find them for a similar price locally. You get 4 sheets in a pack so they're a lot cheaper than what you're currently using
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Regular Salonpas patches have methyl salicylate (basically aspirin). So not a good alternative.
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