Seeking fee-based financial advisor in Seattle
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I have read all the AskMe answers describing why a fee-based financial advisor is the way to go. The Mr and I want to get advice on planning to pay off our credit cards, save for a home, and plan for retirement in the next 20 years (we are approaching 50). Can you recommend any good financial advisors in the Seattle area that you or someone close to you has worked with? If it would help figure out if someone is a culture fit, we are Gen Xers both from income-strapped childhoods but who are doing reasonably well in the tech industry, no kids, live in the city and don't want to move to the suburbs, have a vaguely hipster lifestyle with lots of foodie activities and travel. I have already seen this thread but it is 7 years old.
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1) What you are looking for is probably a fee- only, not fee-based advisor (fee-based advisors sometimes charge a fee *and* commission, which is what you're trying to avoid.)

2) No specific recommendation, but check out NAPFA which is the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. Also I've heard good things about the Garrett Network which is nationwide and has a couple advisors in the Seattle area.
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Dave Ramsey, a noted radio host who deals with financial advice, has list of Endorsed Local Providers on his website. Supposedly his team checks them out thoroughly to make sure they are good at what they do.
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Just FYI Dave Ramsey's ELPs are not fee-only, they are commission-based.
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You can look at the Certified Financial Planner website and sort for fee-only, too. (Down at the bottom of the search parameter options, under Compensation.)
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Seconding the Garrett Network. I know a couple (not in Seattle) who have used one of their advisors and been very satisfied.
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