How-the-world-works kind of book for a 5-year-old?
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I am looking for a good, simple, kindergarten-level science/general knowledge/encyclopedia for my 5-year-old son.

He's in his "why" phase about how the world works: the body, basic physics, astronomy, weather, how things are made...everything, basically. There's no shortage of elementary school books of this nature--especially kid's encyclopedias, but the ones I've seen are are higher level than he'd like.

His reading level is very basic--he knows his alphabet and can make it through low level books, but he's intimidated by too much writing. I know it should be somewhat challenging, and he can always come back to it when he's ready. But for now simple is good.
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Did You Know, put out by the Smithsonian, is ticking all those boxes for my first grader.

There is typically not more than one paragraph on any part of a topic, nice photos and graphics, and a range of topics like the ones you mention and then some.
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The Way Things Work by Neil Ardley might be good. Although aimed at ages 9 and up, it's got great illustrations by David Macaulay your five year old might enjoy.
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When I was a little kid, I inherited this amazing book from the early 70s called What Makes it Go? What Makes it Work? What Makes it Fly? What Makes it Float? I was fascinated for hours by this book. Each page shows the cross section of things like a cruise ship, a telphone, an airplane, a washing machine, etc. I recently bought it off ebay for my friend's three year old and I hope he loves it too!

Disclaimer - it was written 40 years ago so a lot of it is completely, absolutely obsolete. But it's still cool. The text is probably too advanced at the moment but the pictures are the real treasure. I can still picture the cruise ship page perfectly. All the little rooms!
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