CD Launcher?
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Does there exist a CD Launcher?

I have a HUGE stack of old CD's and CD-ROM's. Has anyone invented a "toy" which will fire these things in a lethal or otherwise manner?

I live near the sea, and an added attraction would be to snorkle for CD's. Under the C.
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Thanks! Pretty amazing that a clay pigeon launcher will do the trick!

I used to kill clay pigeons as a boy. With a 12-gauge.

On to eBay....
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Not sure if the slashdot article already linked this, but:

PowerLabs High Speed CD-Rom Experiments

pretty good videos, ayup.
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A colleague in my office built the Lego one mentioned in that /. thread. I was away the day he tested it, but by all accounts it was quite successful.
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IAAMB (I am a Marine Biologist)...please don't launch your CDs into the ocean. Plastics pollution is a huge problem, and polycarbonate (the primary plastic in CDs) takes about 400 years to break down. As it does so it leaches bisphenol A, which can have negative reproductive and endocrine effects (it is a psuedo-estrogen.)

After you fire your CDs, you might want to consider recycling them.
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Thanks for that. But I TOLD yez that we were gonna go diving for them. Don't worry, we'll get 'em all~!
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