Cabin Rentals + Skiing in Vermont
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Hello! A group of friends and I are looking to go skiing this winter (probably around December) in Vermont and we're looking to potentially rent a cabin. Would anyone with any experience in this domain be able to help us out with suggestions?

In terms of price and duration, we haven't quite gotten to that point just yet, but it'll more than likely be over a weekend, so 2-3 days. Also looking at a group size of maybe 10 people tops. In terms of price, maybe $200 per person? I'm just tossing out numbers here since I have no basis to compare them against.

Any information or links to places we can browse over the web would be greatly appreciated! And definitely open to states other than Vermont, though we're sticking to the East coast (i.e., no Colorado).

Thank you in advance!
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I always recommend Okemo mountain. I don't know how many people are in your party, so I don't know your total budget, but I don't think you'll have the budget for a ski-in, ski-out condo. However, Okemo's town, Ludlow, is really great, and a house on the shuttle route would work well. This one is $550 per night.
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I don't have specific locations in mind but keep in mind that early to mid December can be sketchy in terms of available snow especially in Vermont. There will be snow but there is no guarantee that there will be a lot of it. The resorts tend to horde their snow making resources to focus on the very popular week between Christmas and New Years. Of course the downside to that is that week is a lot busier and a lot more expensive.

It's not a bad thing to go in early December but you need to make sure everyone is aligned on their expectations. One positive of going at a less busy time is that you don't have to book things so early. Also it would help to know where you are coming from since you are only staying a short time. To me that means you should only be driving 4-6 hours maximum. That will help narrow down the possibilities. Also is there any particular skiing aptitude in your party? Beginners? Intermediates? Experts that won't be happy unless there is expert conditions?

Is your $200 for just lodging or is that to cover skiing and food and what not?
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I've gone to Jay Peak a couple of times and enjoyed it. Very laid back, has a waterpark in case the snow isn't great, or for the evenings. I'm not sure if your budget would work for their condos but you could call and see. There are also local rentals off resort that can be cheaper.
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We've done this for the past couple years at Okemo. I found our place last year on, which worked out pretty well. There's a pretty wide range of availability, and places for 10+ aren't uncommon (but from what I remember, tend to skew more towards luxury/higher amenities and not "cabin in the woods"). We were able to do a three-day weekend for under $200/person for lodging, and we ended up cooking all of our meals in the house we rented.

Personally, I liked Okemo - it's very family-oriented, and felt like it had a good mix of difficulties for our wide range of skill sets. If you've never been to the area before, I would recommend it.
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Yeah, East Coast skiing is not always ideal (although it's usually at least *possible*) in December. The plus is, you might be able to get an early-season discount! The minus is, there might only be a handful of trails open on the mountain.

Killington has a bit of a rep for having good early-season snow, though it doesn't have as much other fun stuff going on if there's no snow. Stowe or Mt. Snow have more of a fun party atmosphere imo.

Bretton Woods in NH and Sunday River in Maine also tend to be decent early in the year.
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