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Give me your recipes for the sweet or savory snacks that scream out IT'S AUTUMN NOW

We're having some friends over for a fall beer tasting and I have promised an assortment of hearty fall snacks. This is not a sit down dinner so I don't have to worry about a main course etc, but it doesn't have to be all finger foods either. The main requirement is that it be EMPHATICALLY AUTUMN. As seasonally appropriate as possible. I live in DC and have access the average grocery stores and farmers markets.

Things I can make ahead of time or in a slow cooker are great.

We're not tasting pumpkin beer, so we don't have to worry about overdoing it on pumpkin. Pumpkin-inclusive snacks are welcome.
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Hot mulled apple cider (as in, unfiltered, unfermented, straight from the press apple squeezings you should be able to get from most orchards) is practically required by law in any autumn-themed context, and works pretty well in a slow cooker. For an added kick and sugar high you can throw in some cinnamon Red Hots.
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I am obsessed with these sugar-crusted cranberries. They're very easy to make, perfectly sweet/tart, and pretty to look at.
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Roasted pumpkin seeds are a great snack. I used to make my own from actual pumpkins in the fall.
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Apple slices with caramel.
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Alton Brown's soft pretzels are a little labor intensive but so delicious with beer with an assortment of mustards.
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This is a bit on my mind right now because it is Rosh Hashana, but apples dipped in honey are delicious. and in a similar theme, but for a totally different holiday, haroset (an apple nut salad, use the Ashkenazi version on the linked page) is really good and should not be limited to Passover because apples are in season right now and should be eaten as much as possible.
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Candied pecans. Use a bit more cinnamon than the recipe suggests and some nutmeg.
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Sweet, can be made ahead of time if you can somehow prevent yourself from eating it all before your guests arrive: pumpkin muffins with brown sugar streusel or apple crisp with oat streusel, a la mode if you're feeling fancy.

Savory and slow cooker-friendly: Thai curry butternut squash soup (if you use fresh squash, roast the seeds with a bit of olive oil and kosher salt and use them as a garnish for the soup, omgz) or sweet potato and black bean chili.
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This magic salad. I usually double the recipe 'round this time of year, it's so fall-tastic.
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Pumpkin bread!
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Make this pumpkin bread and these apple pie biscuits. Nom nom nom
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Pumpkin rugelach
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Thai butternut curries or pumpkin curries are also Delicious and work well in a slow cooker. Popcorn with caramel or butter and spices is also Autumnal, tasty, can be made ahead, and goes well with beer.
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Fresh chunky applesauce!
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Honey wheat brown bread. All it needs is a good butter, or good butter and sharp cheddar.
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PARMSEAN CRISPS topped with cranberry relish

Fried pumpkin cakes or latkes are also welcome, also straight roast and pulled chestnuts OR Chestnuts roasted and cut up and mixed into a dressing or relish.
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Oh also, roast parsnip chips dusted with nutmeg.
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Stove popped popcorn. Pumpkin hand pies. Sliced sausage. Hard cheese and apple slices. Salad with walnuts and pomegranates. Think preserved, cured, or long keeping, hobbit larder type stuff.
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Cranberry bars!! I love anything cranberry, but most of the things with cranberries I eat are side dishes. These are delicious.
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I would do sausages, cut up, served with mustard (& toothpicks for easy eating)
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I am waiting for these Cider Braised Pork Meatballs to finish cooking as I type, for my own fall-ish party tomorrow night.
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Pumpkin mochi! A friend made this once with lots of cinnamon and it was wonderful. And they've got cheap mochiko at Hana Market at 17th & U.
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It's veering into main course territory, but stew! A hearty, beefy, potato-y stew.
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Did you see the Pumpkin Sloppy Joes recipe in yesterday's Washington Post Food section?
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Butter-toasted hazelnuts mmmmm
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I just bought (in northern VA, but I'm sure the P-Street whole foods has it) some amazing ale-washed cheese with mustard seeds. Had it with some apple slices as an accompaniment to beer tastings. Also fig-ginger jam, purchased at the fancy-cheese jam section.

Kale chips, beet salad, oven roasted cherry tomatoes; these are all things that are making use of the last gasp of my (generous mother-in-law's) garden right now.
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Pumpkin dip served with ginger snaps.
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The air is getting cooler and autumn vegetables are getting cheaper.
Not a big fan of pumpkins , so squash and yam are my go to.
I made this yesterday after finding yam for 95c/lb. Tunisian Yam and Red Bean Stew, cheap and fresh.

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