Archiving *everything* from Facebook (including tagged pics & comments.)
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Facebook has a way to archive/download your data. However, last time I did that, I noticed that it didn't include any comments that friends had made on my posts or any of the pictures I was tagged in (that had been posted by other people), and probably a few other things in a similar vein. Is there an automated way to save those things? Perhaps a third-party product or app of some sort?
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It's not free, but SocialSafe could do that.
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Social Book will archive it all as a physical book. Settings allow you to choose to have it include all comments made by friends, which or all of your photos, etc. (I'm not sure about other people's photos that you are tagged in. Maybe? Maybe not? You don't have copyrights for other people's photographs.)

The page layout is done automatically, which results in some strange content layout decisions that a human wouldn't make, which can make it harder to read, but it gets it all in there. (And it beats spending a thousand hours laying it out yourself).
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