Finding a book I read years ago: Jailhouse Lit edition
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Years ago I read a funny novel from the public library, the premise of which I can best describe as M*A*S*H crossed with Hogan's Heroes and set in a maximum security men's prison. This would have had to be about 25 years ago or more. Wondering if this rings a bell with anybody who can tell me what it might have been.
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Maybe Help I am Being Held Prisoner, by Donald Westlake?
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It's a memoir and not a novel, but Roger Caron's book Go-Boy! touches on both funny and horrifying aspects of being in prison, and it came out in 1978.
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Any way it could be Papillon?
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Response by poster: If I recall—and I clearly don't—but I think it was a first or only book by an obscure author who actually did prison time. Pretty sure it was too broadly comic to be anything but fiction.
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We were reading a late-60s novel called Riot in high school where once the guards on the inside were neutralized, a significant percentage of the prisoners became involved with building and operating a still, while another group tried to escape. This was set in an American prison, but it's not the Civil War book (with the same name) by Walter Dean Meyers.
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Homeboy, by Seth Morgan?
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My first not-likely thought was a novelisation of the BBC's Porridge. On reading the wiki, they mention consulting with "Jonathan Marshall, a former prisoner who had written a book, How to Survive in the Nick", so... there's those.
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Cool Hand Luke was a novel first.
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