What percentage of youth in foster care have parents who were in FC?
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Research help: What percentage of youth in foster care are born to parents who were at one point in foster care of themselves? I'm looking for information on the prevalence of intergenerational child abuse and experiences of foster care. In addition to the question above, I am also interested in what percentage of perpetrators of child abuse were victims of child abuse themselves. I've done some digging myself and haven't been able to find any data on this.
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These are both really good questions and I'm sorry I don't know the answers. Surely someone has done studies that address your first question. Have you looked in academic databases?

the second one would be very hard to answer. Child abuse is not always reported so we don't really know what percentage of the adult population was abused in childhood. Yes, some abused children grow up to be abusers themselves, but many- if not most- abusers do not. And then there are the people who were never abused as children but abuse their own children. This website says that 30% of abused children become abusive parents.
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The abused as perpetrators: I don't have stats unfortunately but I do remember learning that most people who abuse have been abused however MOST people who have been abused DO NOT go on to abuse.
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I'm looking for information on the prevalence of intergenerational child abuse

Simply being in foster care does not mean someone has been abused! This is only one of a variety of reasons why a child might be in foster care.

Another practice that's common in some states (this has been changing) and leads to the situation you mention is the removal of children born while the mother is in foster care to be placed elsewhere in the foster care system themselves rather than staying with the under-18 mother.

Also, as you are looking at intergenerational issues, it was not so long ago that a child born out of wedlock was considered a shameful secret to hide. Some of these children ended up in the foster care system.
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On question of generation-to-generation foster care, my former foster child now advocate for foster children against abusive service providers Facebook friend says:
I can't find anything
I can't even find a lay reference
The lack of obvious hard data is, unfortunately, unsurprising to me.
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The Annie E Casey Foundation does a tremendous amount of work around foster care and related issues. They publish a lot of reports so I would certainly start with those and with their Kids Count Data Center.
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