Resource for size-specific plastic storage boxes?
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I have a semi-fragile object for which I would like to find a 16" x 16" x 16" plastic (rubbermaid-type) storage box/tote/bin. Googling for specific sizes is frustrating. Anyone know where I could find or cross-reference specific sized boxes?
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How about these or these? Or these or these (Heavy Duty Plastic Tote Boxes)?

Besides food storage, I don't think I've seen a square plastic storage container, and never one that big. There's probably a reason they are rectangular, but I can only guess. (Best use of shelf space? Optimal pallet stacking?)
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I think you're going to have a hard time finding a square plastic storage container that large. For starters, it's larger than the various cube shelving systems out there (usually 13" or 15"). I did find this fabric storage cube in that size. Is there any reason why a rectangular pin that is at least 16" in all dimensions won't work? If it helps at all, 16x16x16 is about 66 liters/18 gallons/70 quarts.
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I don't know about a plastic bin that size, but you might be able to find a wooden crate (old milk crate, etc) or just make one. A friend of mine who works at a gallery is always making custom-sized wooden crates for the it definitely protects whatever's inside. If you have basic construction skills, it would be easy to make, and also probably look better than a plastic box.
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A single-drawer file cabinet might work too. For example, this one may or may not be 16" square (a little unclear from the page).
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ULine is a hassle to search through, but I'd bet money they carry the size you're looking for. Call their customer service department and make them search their inventory.
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Best answer: The canonical resource for this kind of stuff is The Container Store, and this page has a 20x20x18 plastic box that looks like it fits the request.
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Response by poster: Well damn. I looked at Container store before posting, but clearly, did not search as well as yclipse.
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