What's this metally thing?
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Found this in the bushes while cleaning up around my house. No idea what it might be, though it seems maybe, possibly, automotive. pics inside

metally thing pics

It looks to have air deflector type fins and when I first found it I immediately thought it must be from an old pickup truck, the kind with manual vents down by your knee. I don't think that anymore.

It also seems to be made to slide in and out of something else.

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Thoughts: Looks like an air filter that's lacking the actual filter material. It probably used to filter the air coming into the engine of some kind of vehicle.

Further thoughts: Nice lumber!
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filter the air coming into the engine of some kind of vehicle

Found something just like that when I was cleaning up a ravine full of old tractor parts. Was your place once a farm?
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Response by poster: There was definitely farming going on in the area, but my house is only 23 yrs old.

Also, no markings on it anywhere
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Looks to me like you have it stood up on its side-- at one top rear corner there's a small wheel, like the kind used on drawers to slide in and out smoothly. And there are attachment holes on that side for three more missing wheels, but not on the other side.

Based on that it strikes me as more a household item than automotive since it's designed to pull out easily and there don't seem to be screw holes to bolt it in place while driving.

Edited to add: I missed that there are in fact screw holes on the front plate. Sorry, looking at it on my tiny phone!
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It looks exactly like a metal version of the frame that holds the air filter on my tumble dryer.
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You're missing the bag but it's part of a harvester
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Response by poster: ptm, do you mean like a corn harvester?

ejs, those are not little wheels so much as they're little rubbery spacers. Like if this slid into something, they would keep it off the sides of what it slid into.

I'm still stumped.
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