Best Kids' Socks
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I have tried the Gap, Old Navy, and Target, and all those socks seem to lose their elastic around the ankle after only a few months and/or shrink.

I have 127 kids, so I'm looking to just buy three colors or so, to save time on matching. Maybe white, black and brown or blue. No patterns, not gender specific! (American) shoe sizes 10 to 1.5
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Maybe athletic socks (Nike, Adidas, Asics, etc.) from Dick's Sporting Goods or Modell's?
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I love the C9 socks at Target. They are a bit more expensive but I haven't worn any out yet. My older daughter and I wear the same size and now that they have them for kids, my younger daughter is wearing and loving them as well. For that many children, I would ask a Target manager about getting a box wholesale.
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Best answer: Gold Toe brand was my go to when my kids were smaller. They are nominally in gender categories but my daughter was happy to wear the boy's style.
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I always buy the Hanes brand at Target or Walmart. Plain white for everyone. They come in various lengths (crew, no show, ankle etc). They are not gender specific (although they are sold as boys and girls); look the same to me. I also like that under the toe part, it says "Hanes" in color by size (so all the red belong to kid X, all the light blue to kid Y, etc).

After tons of washings they always hold up pretty well. Bleaching works if you have kids that decide to walk around outside in their socks occasionally like mine!
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Seconding Gold Toe. My mom bought DD a few pairs at Kohls and they have held up wonderfully.
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The Hanes 'premium' boys ankle socks are pretty gender neutral and have held up very well through a bajillion washes. I get mine at Target.
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3rding Hanes!
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The Lands' End kids socks are notably better quality than ON or Gap.
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I like The Children's Place socks.
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Just as a side note, high heat in a tumble dryer will kill even the best sock and underwear elastic quickly.
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Boden. They're worth the price. I have 125 kids fewer than you, but they hold up well enough to pass down to friends.
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Oh, as far as matching: we don't bother. They look fine mixed together.
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I don't have kids but I do have a lot of socks, and I would recommend against "folding" them together (see this picture) as that also stresses the elastic a bit. Of course, not doing so might make sock management difficult, so you win some and you lose some.
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Response by poster: We're going to try Gold Toe, but thank you for all the other suggestions. Also, good advice about driers and folding.
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