Looking for a good pub in Seattle near Madison & Boren
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I'm heading to Seattle next weekend and would like to spend at least part of the time checking out the local pub scene and sampling some tasty Seattle brews. I am staying near the intersection of Madison St. and Boren Ave.; can any Seattle-based MeFites recommend any not-to-be-missed microbreweries or anything or that ilk in the general area?
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Up madison a bit: Elysian Brewing
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That immediate area is not the best for pubs - it's a lot of hospital/medical stuff, plus office buildings and condos. But the Elysian Bewing Co is just a few blocks away.

Generally, heading in that direction will lead you to lots of pubs/bars. And you don't have to stick to microbreweries or brewpubs to get local beers; pretty much any bar in Seattle will carry a good selection of local brews, and at many places the bartenders and wait staff will have good recommendations.

My favorite Seattle pub is about a mile from there: Smith.
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Oh no way! Elysian beers are all over the place here on the island. I've been meaning to give them a try; between them and Smith I should be all set.

Thanks for such great answers right off the bat!
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You want to go to The Stumbling Monk!
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It's a little bit of a hike at a mile or so east, but Chuck's Hop Shop at 20th Ave and E. Union will be fun to visit. 50 taps and 1 or 2 food trucks.
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at madison and boren is an excellent art bar: the hideout.
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Also nearby and highly recommended, The Pine Box.
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