i can't believe i am asking the internet another question about karaoke.
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I seek Saturday night karaoke in Manhattan, with the following parameters:

-not a dive bar, because I hate a dive bar.
-not predominantly a private-room karaoke place, because karaoke is much less fun in a private room.
-has food, because I love food.
-starts early, because I am so old (7pmish?)
-actual karaoke, not singing in front of a band.

None of those parameters are negotiable, except the "has food." Also, I do not want to rent out a place that has karaoke, or rent another place and hire a karaoke person.

This is for my birthday party, one week from tomorrow. Ideally, my birthday party would be at a restaurant that also had karaoke, and wasn't extremely crowded early on a Saturday night.

Does such a place exist?
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Japas 38 (38th between 5th and Madison) is the best karaoke place! They do have private rooms, but I, like you, prefer to hang out in the bar area. And they have food!

Clientele in the bar range from drunks who can't sing (me) all the way to professional singers who are there to unwind. Lots of fun.
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And I recently went to Karaoke BOHO on West 4th, and it is maybe a little more divey, but the videos for the karaoke songs were the ACTUAL MUSIC VIDEOS. Which was kinda awesome. Don't know if they had food or not, though.
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2nd Japas 38. Chiming in suggest Radio Star on 35th. Big bar, food, not a dive, actual karaoke. Place opens early.
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Response by poster: (ideally I'd be in a place that doesn't even offer rooms--somehow, my friends and I always wind up in a room if they are offered, and I'd like to preclude that from happening).
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You want Asia Roma.
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