AAA state guide book, but online, and for non-AAA members?
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The AAA makes great guide books for each state that will list close to every city in a state, and tell you what's the most interesting thing to do by every little podunk city. But does this sort of information live online somewhere? And does it live online somewhere for free?
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This is pretty much what TripAdvisor is. Search by location and click on attractions to see the most popular things to do.

There are lots of options, though. Triposo makes good free apps for your phone that are similar.
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See if you can access AAA travel guides themselves online. Here is the online guide for Washington, DC for example.
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Best answer: Depending on the state, there may be all sorts on materials available online. For example, The Handbook of Texas Online will tell you way more than you ever wanted to know about almost any tiny place in the giant state. TravelTex is less historical, more travel-oriented (places to stay and eat and things to do). California has Visit California. Illinois has Enjoy Illinois. Just google the name of the state and "guide".
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