Find me a beautiful kimono coat!
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I love this gorgeous 70's kimono coat from Eileen Fisher, except for a few things. Can you help me find a replacement?

Literally everything about it is perfect - the tailored bulk, the touchable wool, how it's unlined, the length, the slightly unfinished seams, even both the colors. I do not love its price tag! And I wish the wool were lighter. It is not quite outerwear but it couldn't be worn inside for very long. Sad face. Where can I find lines and design like this for less money, in a lighter wool, maybe in other colors (no patters, please)? I am rough on clothing and don't need heirloom quality. I've also never successfully integrated a blazer into my wardrobe. Coats that close (with a belt, not buttons) might be even better. The colors I would consider are black, cream, navy, maroon, camel and maybe that yellow they have. Though I could be pleasantly surprised.

I'm also open to suggestions of outerwear with these kind of lines; I feel like it would really look good camel colored (but I'm open to suggestions on that). Outerwear need not be wool, but I live in Seattle! I tried the coat on at Eileen Fisher and was really surprised at how well it fit. I haven't seen anything like it ever before - I wish it were a little bit more of a coat or a blazer!

Anyway, google is turning up notverymuch, so I'm asking you guys.

Know a store/etsy seller/etc? Ping me!
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Aolo doesn't have a close match to that coat right now, but the general aesthetic is there.
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The Danish brand Just Female has a wool/poly blend kimono coat for $211 -- Asos and Shopbop stock Just Female but don't seem to have the full AW14 range yet.

Searching for "cocoon coat" will yield some similar silhouettes.

If your heart is set on Eileen Fisher, you could wait for the slew of 20%-off friends and family coupons from department stores that will appear in October.
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You'd probably love the Vince sweaters and coats. The sweaters are have slightly lighter fabrics and the coats have a bit more space underneath (and heavier fabric). You have to try them on though - they fit beautifully but your size will vary depending on the specific garment.

Not cheap but....they make the outfit.
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I like it, and I don't live in a cold climate either. I'm also kind of allergic to wool. I would probably try to find someone who can make me a copy of it in good quality fleece. Bonus: washable.
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Here's someone on etsy who does fleece. I'm not finding it easy to search in there. I'm sure there's some wonderful seamstress in Seattle who would make a copy.
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Thanks for the amazing suggestions everyone! Please keep them coming!
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You can also search "sweater coat" - they've been popular for a few years, and there are definitely other examples of modern, fairly structured coats like this.

Do you want something that's heavier (more like a coat) or slightly lighter (more like a sweater)?
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Definitely heavier and wool/felt/etc, more like a coat or blazer. I'd like it to be solidly an indoors layer OR an outdoors layer. The present link is a no man's land.
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Sewing a kimono is pretty straightforward. See if you can find someone who will make it, then go choose the pattern & fabric. For the seam-out detail, the sewer would likely need a serger.
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