DC-based pedicurist who will REALLY go to town on my calluses?
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Can you recommend a pedicure-person in Washington, D.C. who will REALLY go to town on the rough calluses on my feet?

I am pretty hard on my feet in the summer: lots of going barefoot on sand, and not bothering to go to professionals because I know I'll quickly mess it up. I'm moving into Fall mode now, though, and I recently got my first mani/pedi. The technician was friendly, she was gentle on my cuticles, the salon used only freshly-sterilized instruments, and I came out with a nail polish job that looks really fresh and nice. I would happily go to her again for that.

Unfortunately though, the calluses on my heels are still really noticeable -- in thickness/texture and yellow-ish discoloration. I only got a "standard" pedi this last time, and I know it's asking a lot to remove a summer's worth of that stuff... but now I know that's what I (badly) need.

Can you recommend a Washington, D.C.-based pedicure person who is especially good with calluses, including using heavy-duty weaponry (like shavers) if needed? I honestly don't care about ANY other part of the service (though I do prefer a sterile-tool place if possible). Downtown/Dupont/Georgetown would be best, but I'll go anywhere Metro-accessible for the right recommendation.

My feet and I thank you very much!
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My standby is Vicky's, but I'm not quite sure they're intense enough for what you're seeking. The folks at Violet (my favorite aesthetician is named My, but not sure if she's still there) have definitely offered me the shaver/razor technique during pedicures, and they use a super scrubby scrub and extremely rough pumice in addition to that. I would go to Violet for your first appointment, then when the calluses are in check, switch to Vicky's.
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(Not strictly an answer to your question, but have you tried babyfoot?)
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Not a direct answer but you can also buy those shaver things at most drug stores. Soak your feet and then start small. Kind of scary the first time so do less than you think you need. Get a little braver each time and work your way up.
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What you want is a podologist, not a pedicurist. Any decent podologist will work on any part of your foot that needs atention.
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Maybe not the answer to your question, but seconding Babyfoot. I had some crazy callouses from walking for miles in wet hiking boots all summer & that babyfoot stuff (two rounds of it a few weeks apart) brought the worst of it down enough for me to be able to get normal pedicures at normal pedicure shops again.
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Sort of seconding schroedingersgirl, what you want is to go to a place that will razor your calluses. However, I believe this is now illegal in DC, so you have to ask, they will not actively offer. I am guessing still not every place will--especially fancy nail places or nail places within larger salons like an Aveda because of potential issues with whomever oversees that--but if you go to a nail-only place, they very well may if you ask, including the place that you went before since you now have a preexisting relationship.

(My local razors on request, but I don't want to get them in trouble by posting it publicly (not that the licensing board is combing AskMe, but you know). Feel free to MeMail.)
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Be really careful if you use a razor yourself. I've made my bathroom look like a crime scene while making myself have difficulty walking.

You might even need treatment for fungus. I'd suggest a podiatrist. Mine prescribes very spendy Oxistat. Fungus makes my callouses really bad, as you are describing.

i go to Angelo Nails, in the 600 block of Pennysylvania, SE. They do a good job on my feet, which sound like yours, and they have a number of men who come in for their scrappy feet. They use a scrubby scrub and a pumice.
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Angelo Nails is good and close to Eastern Market.
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If babyfoot seems to be labor intensive then the miracle product for me is the Emjoi Micro Pedi, which is AMAZING. I have a serious commitment to sandals with the commensurate calluses. Using the the sander, over a period of time, was convenient and my feet look pretty. You use it with dry feet and moisturize afterward. You can get various "grinds" but the fine is the standard. If nothing else, it is a nice maintenance tool.
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UGH YES I know EXACTLY what you mean and I have the same issue -- I most recently went to Oriental Oasis Day Spa because it's convenient to where I work and they did a GREAT job on my super calloused heels (there are different levels of pedicure you can get there -- make sure you get one that includes exfoliation or whatever). It's near the McPherson Square Metro Station if that works for you.
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Not sure which part of the DC area you are interested in, but I really like Passion Nails in Germantown, MD. They will offer the razor, although I believe it is illegal in MD, and they do a good job. They use individually sterilized equipment.
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