Quick stop in Tokyo riddled with specific shopping requests.
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My dad passed away suddenly in July after slowly declining for about a year. He had a specific request that we were unable to fulfill in time and we are trying to make that right. I have a very quick stop to make in Tokyo where I can get these items, but I need recommendations on hotels and the best department stores.

I know that I can purchase most of what I am trying to find in department stores, but I have about a day and a half to get this done. I am looking for a hotel that is very close to the shopping areas that I'll need to hit. Price is not a huge concern, but I'd rather not spend $1000 a night. My trip will be around October 12.

I am looking for Kinshobai, the best quality tororo konbu, and most importantly, a small bottle of very high quality (traditional) shochu to use as osonae. (The shochu was his request, the other stuff is what we know he'd enjoy.) I'm also trying to find some butsudan accessories, but not incense. We are swimming in incense.

Realizing that the middle of Tokyo might be a challenge for this, I'd love to find the finest quality karukan and some candies made from kuroame as well.

I understand that I can stop into most any department store, but while I can recognize tororo konbu and a bottle of shochu, the only way that I can judge quality is by looking at prices and making assumptions about higher prices signifying better quality.

You can assume that I speak and understand enough Japanese to get by in most situations. My dad was a quiet and unassuming man who was treasured and loved by every person and every animal he met, so I want to honor him with the best that I can find. All of the okoden was distributed to his favorite organizations, with the exception of several requesting specific osonae. I'd love your help to find these items and put the last of the funeral related tasks behind me.
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I would hit up Shinjuku because there are several department stores, so you can find everything.

Kinshobai is sold at several stores in Tokyo, including in many of the department stores in Shinjuku.

Did he have a favorite type or brand of shochu? "The best" shochu depends on whether he likes made of potato, wheat, or rice (or any of the less popular types), which all taste very different.
If he likes potato shochu, Moriizo, Mao, and Sato are all pretty famous.

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with brands of tororo konbu. I would go to a department store and find a shop which specializes in konbu.

Shinjuku Takashimaya has a small shop dedicated to Karukan.

Memail me if you need more help.
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I'm also trying to find some butsudan accessories, but not incense. We are swimming in incense.

There are probably better zones, but the avenues between Tawaramachi station and Asakusa have several shops of butsudan and buddhist religious objects.
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