Searching for the cheesiest music video of near modern times
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I'm looking for a music video from the era just before or at the dawn of youtube. It was an expensive, professional-looking vanity project that featured a man with long blonde hair singing a song in the sentimental style of Michael Bolton while being featured in a number of romantic, CGI landscapes.

The video had a romance-laced plot which included the hero of the story, sailing around on a ship, rescuing a lady, sword fighting and posing with lots of roses. I believe that the video ended with the artist's signature, reading "Kristopher something-something". The whole production was imbued with a such thick layer of earnestness that there was a big debate about whether it was serious or not.

I have been searching for this music video from the vaguest scraps of memory, but it's possible that it is from the ancient early 2000s internet strata.
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this reminds me of jill sobule's "i kissed a girl" with fabio in the video, except it's not a guy singing and isn't earnest in the way you're talking about. sorry, that's the best i've got.
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Best answer: I believe you're looking for something by Chris Dane Owens, most likely Shine on me.

See also Key and Peel's take on the genre.
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It's not quite right probably, but David Hasselhoff's Hooked on a Feeling ? It absolutely fits the multiple landscapes, hanging out on a boat and the questionable earnestness. But no sword fighting.
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Alison, the internet thanks you for asking this question.
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