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My laptop died. Boo. I got a new iPad Air. Yay, I guess. How should I set up my privacy, security, and general user preferences?

I've had two generations of the iPhone so I'm familiar with iOS, but like all my computers they've devolved into a pile of unusued/forgotten apps and their associated preferences. I'd like to get this iPad off to a good start so I have a few questions:
  1. I've noticed some differences, like the absence of certain apps like flickr. What else should I be aware of?
  2. -What security and privacy settings are most important?
  3. I've activated Find My iPad. Which iClloud preferences should I be concerned about?
  4. I decided to the Chrome browsers on my phone and the iPad, something I didn't do with my laptop. Is there a reason I shouldn't do this?
  5. My Apple wireless keyboard works great. The mouse won't sync, but I'll take that to the genius bar. Since this may end up being my primary computer for a while, is there anything else I should use?
    iBonus embarrassing question: If I install Candy Crush on the iPad is there any chance I will lose my place in the game or in the game on my phone? I'm on level 344 and would be so bummed if I lost all that progress. :p
Thanks MeFites!

(I realize there may not be agreement across the board. That's fine, I'll take everything under advisement.)
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1) Flickr isn't available specifically for the iPad yet. It's a bummer. Workaround 1: use the web (takes less space, Safari/Chrome on iPad mostly uses normal, non-mobile websites), or Workaround 2: download the iPhone version - in the App Store, you should see "For iPad" - tap that, and show 'For iPhone.' You'll see iPhone versions of apps that aren't available for the iPad, but keep in mind they may not be as useable because they'll be scaled up and won't be using the iPad's native screen resolution.

2) None that I can think of. Funnily enough, you're asking this on the launch day of iOS 8, so there are a few new iCloud settings, such as iCloud Drive. For more information on that, go here.

3) Not necessarily, although I prefer Safari. But, each to his/her own.

4) The iPad doesn't support the mouse/trackpad, unfortunately. Only keyboards.

Bonus question: No. The progress of your game may be synced with iCloud, so if that happens, you should find yourself on Level 344 from the iPad. If it's not, you'll start afresh, but you won't lose your game progress on your iPhone.

Hope this helped!
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1) Flickr doesn't exist as an app on a laptop, either, just as a website, as far as I know. You should be able to use the iPhone app, though.
2) You should just go through each menu. Anything you select as synced will go to the cloud and in the event of theft/data loss will be retrievable from iCloud. Of course, that means that those things are now in the cloud and potentially hackable. Only you can decide the tradeoff for each one.
3) You've decided to what? Sync them? If so, again, then google is storing your history and bookmarks, etc. in their cloud.
4) Mice don't work with iPads. What would you even be controlling with the mouse?

Bonus question: If you link a facebook account with candy crush on your phone, and sign into facebook on the ipad, it should sync both devices. I've never done this but apparently should work according to their support.
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I don't know if this is still true, but when I went with Chrome a year or two ago on an iPad, it was hampered by Apple locking non-Apple browsers out of their fast built-in Javascript interpreting dingus.

If this is still the case, and you are willing to root your iPad, you can install Nitrous which will allow Chrome to use the faster Javascript thing, just like Safari.
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The book iPadOnly might have some useful ideas. (Disclaimer: I have no connection with the author and I haven't read the book, although I've read articles by the author on the subject.)
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Response by poster: I guess I did update to 8 but thought it was just the latest existing OS so that link is super helpful, thanks.

4) Mice don't work with iPads. What would you even be controlling with the mouse?

I was thinking if I was using it as a monitor I could click in fields and stuff?

No more thread sitting!
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If you have an app that makes the iPad mirror as a monitor, you'll use whatever mouse is attached to the computer you're mirroring the monitor with.

E.g. If you have a desktop computer and you're using an app to make the iPad be a monitor for that desktop computer, you'll use that desktop's mouse, just as you would if you connected another actual monitor.
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