Engaging videos for introducing globalization with undergrads?
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Do you know of an engaging 3-6 minute video that introduces or gets student thinking about issues of globalization (for undergrads)?

I am teaching an undergrad course for which the curriculum is already developed, but I have the ability to modify. We're talking about globalization this week and are suggested to watch and discuss this video. I'm not crazy about it (a little simplistic, "first-world" focused, trying to be monolithic), but I like having something interesting to watch to open up the overall discussion. Anyone know of something else out there?
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The Luckiest Nut in the World?
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Missed the time limit, sorry. It's still quite short though. And had the bonus of being humorous, which, let's face it, is a rare quality in a film on the topic.
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The Story of Stuff is a good introduction to commoditisation, negative externalities, consumption cycles and the role globalisation has in driving all of them. They have lots of short videos on each of these topics.
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Globalization: Good or Bad?

John Green is great for being engaging without sacrificing actual, you know, information. But it's a bit over your time limit.
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