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UnixBoxFilter: I need access to an AIX or Solaris box. Does anyone know of a service that will sell VPS-type access to such a beast? Alternatively, what are the best places online to look for used low-end AIX or Solaris workstations (preferrably in the EU). RISC CPUs are a must, so Linux or Solaris x86 can't work here.
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Are you looking to port & compile software, or just want to poke around?
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Universities are practically giving these things away. Google search.
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Before you commit hari-kari go running to an old Solaris, you should note that Linux runs on Sparc.
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Wow, I didn't expect so many answers this quickly... I develop and configure data-mining systems for a living and these often require RISC-based AIX or Solaris systems (i.e. I need to use pre-compiled binaries from a vendor). OTOH, the customers I do the work for often don't want to provide remote access to their own boxes for extended periods of time, so I need testing and staging machines. From b1tr0t's VPS link, it looks like VPS is not practical for my purposes --I'd need 100GB disk space or so for a staging system, so I am down to a used box or striking a deal with IBM/Sun.

I guess I need to look for a secret stash of surplus Sun hardware from UK companies or schools or something...
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Try ebay.
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This is not meant to be a plug - but I keep a list of vendors and resellers of Sun hardware on my website,

Too bad you're not in Houston, TX - I've got a quad-processor E450 taking up space in my living room.
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