What to eat/see/do in Mexico City?
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I'll be in Mexico City in mid-October for three days. What do I need to see & do? Priorities: a) great vegetarian-friendly eating (both budget and upscale), including fantastic pastries/sweets/ice cream, b) magical, atmospheric, walkable neighborhoods, c) cool groups of people to meet -- expats? others?, d) the very best museums, e) anything else.
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So I just came back from Mexico City last month and lived 5 days in the chalputec neighborhood.
here are my quick suggestions
- Use metro for travel / taxis on evenings
- Condesa/Roma and Chalputec, cayoucan are very walkable and nice neighborhoods to check.
- Mexico City is museum mecca (~150+ museums) . I highly recommend anthropology museum,tamayo arte, soumaya museum at the very least. Frida Kahlo museum atleast imho is not worth the wait.
- Teotihuacan is worth the 1 hour busride to see the 3rd largest pyramid in the world.

Did not see many vegetarian-friendly eating but then again i was not specifically looking for it.

Memail me and I can send you the list I created for Mexico City/Coyoacan/teotihuacan.
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nthing Rosa/Roma/Coyoacan for drinks (pulque) and wandering.

Museo Nacional de AntropologĂ­a is an obvious must and I'd say Frida Kahlo/Casa Azul does actually live up to the hype. Trotsky House not so much. If you're into contemporary art I'd also recommend checking out Museo Rufino Tamayo and, to a lesser extent, the Museo de Arte Moderno - both cheap and in Chapultepec Park.

Obviously, quite a lot of Mexican eating-out cuisine can be made vegetarian to various degrees. I didn't sample enough to give recommendations but if you're with any meat-eaters don't miss Ricos Tacos Toluca (Near San Juan market a couple of blocks east on the north side of Calle Lopez) for street food and El Hidalguense (Colonia Roma Sur, not far west of the Mercado MedellĂ­n, at Calle Campeche #155) for mid-range dining. If you wanna splash out, Quintonil is consistently rated as one of the best restaurants in Latin America and is dirt cheap by western standards - I'm sure they'll cater for vegetarians as well.

Walking/metro/trolleybus/any public transport is fine at any hour.
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