Destin area property management recommendations
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Can anyone recommend a reputable property management company?

We are purchasing a condo in Miramar Beach as a second home. Our intention is to use it up to 3 months a year and allow short term vacation rentals the rest of the time. Can anyone recommend any reputable property management companies? Most of the ones I’ve looked into want 25-30% in fees. Some of them restrict owner usage, restricting usage during peak months. My husband thinks that most property management companies wouldn't go for this arrangement, especially with us wanting to use the condo during the summer, because it would cut into their profit and what would be their incentive to keep it rented.

Ideally, we’d like to manage the rental aspect (likely through VRBO) and have a property manager locally who can coordinate cleaning crews, maintenance, and keep an eye on the place. Is this unrealistic?
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Just as an idea - but maybe an individual real estate agent instead of a firm will be more flexible? In my experience, real estate agents are downright pavlovian in their reaction to income potential, and since they are already busy in the summer, something that provided a supplemental income stream during the off-season might be desirable.
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I don't know about the owner side of things, but we rent from Brooks and Shorey for our summer vacation each year and have been pleased with the upkeep of the condos they offer. I do know they manage condos in buildings that also have condos listed on VRBO. I don't know if their housekeepers also clean the VRBO ones or not. Couldn't tell you about their maintenance fees though.
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