Here's the knockoff, what's the original?
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I love this bag, but it's made from PVC, not leather. Is it a knockoff of another, higher-quality bag? That I can buy?

Here's the same bag in a red, faux-croc print, if that rings any bells.

I viewed the bags at Target in person, and besides the cheaper materials, they also have some construction problems, so I'm hoping to find the same/similar bag in leather or suede.

Things I like about it:
  • The strap/hardware across the front of the bag
  • The glittery black "suede"
  • The fact that it's clutch-sized, but with a long, crossbody strap
  • Its general half-glam/half-moto look.
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It looks a bit like Proenza Schouler bags, especially this one.
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Not a knockoff that I'm aware, but if you like the style, Rebecca Minkoff would be a great place to get the same vibe. Cross body, SUPER-swoony black hardware. Her stuff is a nice blend of rocker chick/moto/awesome/ladylike.
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Ah! The twist-lock clasp is based on the Proenza Schouler bag!

aaaand... it looks like the Proenza bag's clasp is ALSO non-functional. D:

(the problem with the Target bag is that:
  • the twist-lock isn't attached to anything; it's just decorative, so...
  • the flap is attached with a magnet, and...
  • the strap is removable, so it snaps into the flap.
...Which means that if you have something heavy in the bag, it will cause the flap to open & flip up, putting negative pressure on the snaps holding the strap on, making the strap fall off the bag, and making the bag fall onto the floor. blarg.)

Thanks for your help, Giant Rat of Sumata & ersatzkat! I think my next move is to either reinforce the bag or dissect it so that I can use the hardware on a new bag.
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