Glasses adjustment in Portland?
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You have a difficult prescription. There is somewhere in Portland, OR that you trust to get it right. Where is this place?

I have a finicky prescription. A week ago I had the nose pads replaced and the (apparently) incredibly delicate balance was destroyed, because 10 minutes later my eye was killing me. I've been to a couple of places since in an attempt to get then properly adjusted - even brought in older, good pairs of glasses as reference - and it's better, but still uncomfortable. Where the hell do I go to get this fixed?
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The guy with the British accent (sorry, I don't know his name) at Hillsboro Eye Clinic at 185th & Cornell (the Tanasbourne location) in Beaverton/Hillsboro is the ONLY guy I've found in the entire area who can get things right the first time.
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Richard! I'm like 75% sure his name is Richard.
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Go to Hawthorne Vision and ask for Mateo. He's an absolute artist with glasses.
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Portland Eye Care. I have seen him not take money from little old ladies who just need the drug store glasses, not a real deal prescription. He's a good one.
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