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What is the best way to get to the New York Maker Faire? I'm driving from New England and pretty unfamiliar with New York. The Faire is in Queens at New York Hall of Science. Website recommends several ways to get there. I can't tell one from the other honestly.

I'm afraid that parking near the Faire will be a nightmare due to the crowds. I was thinking I could park somewhere a ways away and take public transportation (subway maybe) to it. But I don't know if this is feasible or best way to get there.

Any suggestions? What would you do?
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I would just drive there and park, and in fact I did so a couple of years ago. There's a TON of parking; it's in the same general area as where the US Open happens, and it's just across the parkway from Citi Field where the Mets play. It's accustomed to getting a whole lot of traffic. Just be prepared to walk a long way from your car (and a lot of walking once you get into the Faire, too.)

Trying to find parking somewhere else near a convenient subway entrance would be much more difficult.
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Yeah, just did a couple JFK runs and had no trouble parking in Queens and Brooklyn. Midtown Manhattan is literally impossible during the day but Queens is a world of difference.

I did worry a bit and used google street view to see what the lay of the land might be. Give extra time and scout a few local streets as options if you not looking for paid parking. The app "Best Parking" on android seemed pretty accurate, on function showed legal possibilities by time of day.
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Just double check to see if there is a Mets game the same day at Shea Stadium. If there is, parking will be more difficult, but not impossible.
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Parking won't be a problem. Either park at citifield or save 10 bucks and park on the street in corona.

Take the whitestone bridge.
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What JPD said. Maker Faire doesn't attract extra vehicular traffic in comparison with the other draws in the area and there are nearby lots. The event is primarily pedestrian traffic. You'll be fine! It's a blast. I'm hoping to try and make it there this Saturday.
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We've been going for three years in a row, driving from New Jersey. Follow the signs to Citifield parking (I forget how much for the day, $10 seems about right) and Maker Faire will have free dedicated shuttle busses (yellow school buses) going back and forth between the parking lot and the fair all day long.

Forget about street parking: it's weekend and all the spots will be taken by the locals.
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Response by poster: Great - thanks all! I guess I'm paranoid of New York traffic, so was worrying more than I should.
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I'm from Connecticut and have gone to the US Open several times, which is the same area.

It's a fairly easy drive by NYC standards. You go over the Whitestone bridge, then a bit of highway driving and follow the signs for Citi Field or the tennis center. The most complicated part is that the highways split a lot around there, and if you miss your roa, you might have to do an extra loop around Corona Park. With a GPS it's pretty painless even if that happens.
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