Sending a gift to someone in NYC
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Dear NYC-ers, I need to have a new baby gift delivered to someone.

I have a friend in NYC who is going to have a baby and I would like to have a baby gift delivered to them. However, I don't know what places in NYC will deliver a nice basket or gift or whatever else I might want to send. Anyone have any ideas for a place in the city (I think Manhattan) where I an go online, pick something and have it delivered to my friend this week? Flower and food places are obvious and easy to find, I'm just wondering if there's a place that would have more new baby-type gifts. Thanks.
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You can use post mates to get anything delivered from any store. Then just find a cute baby place and pick your items- then order via their app. I have used the service in Brooklyn and it was easy
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I buy my baby gifts on Etsy from a US seller -- which is easy as they are largely US sellers -- and have them posted directly to the US recipient. Very straightforward.
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All the big retailers will mail a gift to your friend. Babies R Us, Target, or any other place that sells baby stuff.

We just bought our friends a crib, mattress, and all the stuff that goes with it. We only live across town but it was SO MUCH simpler to order it on line and have it sent. My friend had things delivered all week and since she's been home all week (she's had debilitating morning sickness through her 6th far,) it's helped perk her up.
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I would go with Etsy as well. Shop small business, local.
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Best answer: All the big retailers will mail a gift to your friend. Babies R Us, Target, or any other place that sells baby stuff.

Many of not most of these online retailers will not accept a non-US credit card.

However, Albee Baby might be an option. It is a real store on the Upper West Side, run by a real family, and you can ring them to place an order for anything on their site over the phone. They are very nice.
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Best answer: Amazon had tons of stuff I needed as a pregnant person and new mom in NYC, and they deliver. Giggle Is a high end baby store that I can't imagine someone wouldn't appreciate. Albee baby is great too, as Darlingbri says.

Do you know her fav restaurant or type of food? Having dinner delivered might be nice.
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Seconding Etsy.......I've found some GREAT, unique gifts and sellers always will wrap and include a card for you. Etsy folks are awesome....
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Giggle and Albee Baby were what I was looking for!
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