Looking for the perfect daypack
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I'm looking for a daypack that'll carry an SLR camera, an extra lens, a book, and a water bottle. I'd like it to be compact enough that it can't carry much else. I'd like it to offer some mild degree of protection to the camera and the lens. I don't mind if it's a backpack, shoulder bag, or sling. Style-wise, I'd rather it not look like a camera bag. And I'm a male.

Previous questions asked for bags that could carry a laptop, or are a bit older, or are targeted toward the other gender.

I'm eyeing the Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Messenger Bag, and though it's a little expensive, I may very well go for it. But in the meantime, does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!
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You might like something from rickshaw -- I have their medium messenger back and my fiance has their large, and we both love them. I think the mini or small zero messenger or the city messenger might work well for you. They are a similar type of design/ability to customize as the Timbuk2, but tend to run less expensive and are still really well made.
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I got an Amazon Basics camera bag, which is reassuringly solid while looking reassuringly not like a camera bag. It's extremely comfortable to carry and about the size you describe.
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I use this bag for my camera, extra lens and bottle of water. It can fit a bit more than that though. It has little padded compartments for the camera and lens. That brand does have a lot of bags though. They may have even smaller ones.
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I have something like one of these which I use to carry my camera in messenger bag or one of several backpacks. I find it basically ideal, because it lets me not use a camera bag, which is good both for not advertising to thieves, but also for expanding the options of which bags I can use.

I favor the messenger bag for walk-around photography because I don't have to take it off to get at the stuff in it.
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I have two variations of this bag, but the smaller one would suit your needs nicely. Totally indestructible, too.
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Best answer: you might be a good candidate for the manfrotto unica line, which comes in different sizes. also consider think tank products as they are without exception well-made. perhaps, if you like a more rugged look, consider domke bags. all these bags come in different sizes and I would strongly recommend going to a shop that carries a large selection (like b&h in nyc) to try them out.

final caveat: photokina is happening right now and there will be a lot of new products coming out in the next few days.
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Response by poster: I went with the Domke F-5XB in brown. It's fairly compact, but it can fit a small body, lens, a few papers and a book, and still have a slot left over. Just what I needed. Thanks, everyone!
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