What brand are my jeans?
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In my distaste for brands I tend to remove tags from my clothing, but in one case this has backfired - I found a brand of jeans which fit me perfectly. Sans tag, all I have to go on is the imprint on the buttons. It's a shield with a pointed demon tail (tangential ask: what is that pointy thing called and where does it come from?). Can you ID my jeans? Here is a photo.
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Unless they're really well made, I wouldn't worry about the brand so much.

A better way of finding other jeans which fit really well is to measure them. Try Blue Owl's measuring guide (other guides are available). Once you know exactly what size your perfect jeans are, you are much better armed to find another pair which fit similarly.

Although... did you leave any internal care tags? They might have info about the material and place of manufacture, which could prove useful even if they don't have the brand name on them.
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Tail thing is a spade. Maybe a visual reference to the barbs on his trident?
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Just call the store and ask. If you can't remember the name of the store, check your credit card statement.
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It might help narrow this down if you let us know what gender category they are, as well as the country in which you bought them.
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Do they have any kind of stitching on the pockets? And try googling any numbers you can find on them- the care tag, any tiny tags on inside seams that might have a model number on them.
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Response by poster: No care tags or numbers anywhere, and this pair has no distinctive back stitch, but another pair by the same brand has this simple design. They're men's jeans, purchased very likely in San Francisco. I'm not sure which store I purchased them in, but the likeliest candidate I could think of sells Diesel, Nudie, and G-Star, none of which fit this bill.

I'll definitely be measuring them carefully, since I'm not a fan of the more common fit patterns. It's just nice to find a brand that fits well so I can not worry about that detail.
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You could ask over at malefashionadvice at reddit. They seem pretty darn serious about brands and might be able to help.
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Any idea of a likely price bracket? $50 jeans, $100 jeans, $250 jeans are all wildly different and would help narrow down likely brands.
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Could they be Jack Spade jeans?
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search that "pocket" at "THE JEAN POCKET PROJECT".
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Response by poster: I doubt I paid more than $150 for them. Probably closer to $80-100. Looks like Jack Spade has their name imprinted on their donut buttons.
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Also: This list of Blue Jean manufacturers may be of some help.
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If you can remember the store, take/ wear the jeans to the store and ask. Jeans are heavy cotton and they will tend to stretch to conform to you, so they will no longer be the same measurements as when you bought them, and I find that makes a difference.
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