Replacement knobs for old receiver - DIY or other?
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I am thinking of getting a friend's old Realistic receiver (Realistic STA-65C, I think). I am not of the nature that I need an exact model replacement of the treble knob and am curious if there is a place online or a store like Home Depot or Radio Shack that might sell knobs that could fit or made to fit. I know eventually I may find one on ebay but don't need it to be a perfect match nor spend too much.

Any ideas accepted! I believe it looks like this.
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Best answer: Try Mouser.
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Best answer: or Newark Electronics.
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Best answer: The world's largest selection of knobs
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Best answer: There's also Jameco.

Radio Shack also sells knobs, although no guarantees they'll have an exact replacement for such an old Realistic receiver.

If the shaft of the potentiometer has little ridges on it, you'll want to look for a knob that has matching ridges that will press on to the shaft. Otherwise, you'll want a knob with a set screw to hold it in place.
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Best answer: If the knob is just mounted on a solid shaft, you can put on pretty much any knob with the right size opening and a set screw. Once you know the shaft size, you can search that and knob on ebay to see a bunch.

Searching "realistic knob" also turns up stuff that might work.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone...all of these look to be sound. I realized there is some sort of hardening putty I see folks use on Instructables (can't think of the name) that will a knof of some sort...or set screw as suggested.

thanks again, always great help here.
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