Mystery Bugs Menace Kitchen
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So I have a lot of these bugs in my kitchen.

We noticed them yesterday and called our exterminator. He sprayed a little bit and took a few samples back to Pest Control HQ, but then he called back to day and told us they couldn't identify them. They're about 1/8 of an inch long, they have short wings compared to their body size, but don't seem to be able to fly, although they can jump. We're beginning to get creeped out, so please, help identify these invaders.
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I have those in my apartment right now. I think they may be some kind of ground wasp.

if they don't go away I may set my apartment on fire, just saying
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Found it! It's a type of parasitic wasp, genus podagrion. It preys on mantis egg cases.
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Looks like they might be some sort of Mydas fly.
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It does look like a parasitic wasp, don't think it's Podagrion though. They are probably emerging from whatever they are infesting and flying towards the window in an attempt to escape. Unless they are coming from the outside, your exterminator should have inspected the premises for the source. Sometimes knowing the species can help pinpoint the source, but usually finding the source is more important than identifying. I would place sticky traps to catch them. Residual sprays only work if they happen to land on it. Hard to tell from the photo; could be a fig parasite. Do you have any figs in the kitchen?
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