Help me find an old Victorian illustration of a person doing science
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I use (this) for my current victorian calling card. My job description these days is more in the realm of data science (less domain specific although I still work at a museum of paleontology), but I'd still like to retain the same idea for my new card. So can you suggest any old illustrations (1800s or earlier) of people working with counting machines or such? Prefer black and white ones. Thanks
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I'm not saying it's absolutely going to have your ideal image, but there's a good chance the Internet Archive's millions of images on Flickr will have something that works for you.
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Victorian Science Clip Art
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I was linked to this Clip art library in one of my own questions, and it is an amazing resource. I didn't find your perfect one after a few minutes of perfunctory searching, but I did come across a book binder, an architect, a scribe, a boy in shop class , and a writer among many others.
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You could try The Graphics Fairy too.
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