Help my friend get a "B visa" coming from Brazil
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He would be working for my family assisting in the care of my aging spouse. We understand a letter explaining the need would be in order. But has anyone else already gone through this and how did that go and are there any other good ideas to help from this side of the equator? He speaks English and has no criminal record and all that, we just want to ease the process and not do something in error not knowing the ropes. Is there anything special about the B visa process for example?
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If you're talking about a B1 or B2 visa to the United States -- those are explicitly for tourism and/or business. Working is expressly prohibited on those types of visas.
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That's not true. But.
The following types of B-1 business visitors require employment authorization:

A domestic servant of a U.S. citizen accompanying or following to join his or her U.S. citizen employer who has a permanent home or is stationed in a foreign country, and who is temporarily visiting the United States.
I dunno, OP. I think you might need a lawyer consult, unless your aging spouse is just temporarily visiting the US but lives or is stationed elsewhere. But I am so very much not a lawyer.
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Seconding rtha. Understanding visa classes and eligibility is a big part of my job, and the only time a personal employee could work in the US on a B1 visa is if the employing family/individual is only in the US temporarily.
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Yep. You want to talk to a lawyer. This is not what B visas are for.
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Response by poster: Thanks so far.
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