reputable canadian pharmacies, 2014?
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i need to find a good canadian pharmacy. there have been a couple questions in the past, but far enough ago to ask if there's things have changed. the prices i've seen for my medication are pretty varied, so i'm interested in a few recommendations if possible.
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Are you near a Costco? They were significantly cheaper on all of the prescriptions I had filled over the years. And their dispensing fees are lower too.
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Shoppers Drug Mart or IDA, but I don't think they facilitate online purchasing, if you're an American wanting cheaper meds (is that the case?).
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Walmart I think has cheap dispensing fees as well (if you're not an American).
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Response by poster: i am an american. the prescription is not covered by my insurance and is even not that cheap on canadian sites i've visited. but have no idea which are reputable to follow up with. it's several hundred dollars a month without insurance.
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I use Canada Pharmacy and have always had good results.
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FYI, there are no *good* Canadian pharmacies that sell to the U.S. What you're asking for is illegal.
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chrchr - Why is it illegal? This isn't a troll -- I'm genuinely curious. If I was traveling through Canada, and took a prescription to a Costco there, I wouldn't be able to get it filled?
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Shipping to the U.S. is illegal. I may have misunderstood the question. I assumed that asker wanted to buy pharmaceuticals online and have them shipped to the U.S. IANAL or narc or anything like that, but I work for a company involved with online pharmacies.
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This was discussed on a NYTimes blog recently (link).
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Oh interesting, I see -- yeah, it would be like a Postal Service violation or something like that. That hadn't occurred to me. Thanks!
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If the medicine you need is something that is also prescribed by veterinarians check out online vet supply stores. A friend of mine got her medicines that way and they were a lot cheaper.
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