How to find last-minute vacation package deals
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If I decided at the last minute to take a vacation, and wanted to get a really cheap deal on a flight and hotel package, and didn't really care where I went (let's say, "somewhere in Hawaii" or "somewhere in Mexico or Central America"), where would I look to find such a thing? Reputable vendors only, of course. Would it be better to search online or just to call a travel agent?
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I like Suntrips for packages to warm places.

Kayak Explore lets you see cheapest flights to anywhere from your home airport.
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There is basically no such thing as last minute discounts on flights to destinations that anyone actually wants to go to on vacation, but you can get last minute deals on hotels which include flights from places like travelzoo.
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Also, look for low cost carriers that operate out of your airport, some of them may have inexpensive domestic flights.
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This is where I and some family members have gotten cheap, all-inclusive, short notice vacations: I've been VERY pleased with the service, but it depends on you being able to get to Philly or Baltimore.
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Adioso can do this - it's a search engine that can let you do something like "I want to go anywhere in the southern hemisphere between these dates", etc.
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In Canada, for all-inclusives I have used:

They're great! They also have some departures from US locations (or try their .com counterparts).

As for a travel agent, honestly I wouldn't bother unless you get a recommendation for a specific person. I have not been able to get a better deal via a travel agent that I couldn't get online. You can always call up redtag / sunwing directly and ask them for ideas on deals "Hey I'm traveling in two days, where is cheapest?" and let them take it from there.
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The best last minute deals are for bus tours and cruises. They are going anyway, so in the last week, they are desperate to fill all the spots, even if they don't make much profit.
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We have found Vacations To Go a great place for last minute cruise vacations. Up to 89% off of the regular price. I can get a 7 day Caribbean cruise for $209 on Carnival, 4 day Bahamas on Norwegian for $109, New England for 7 days at $199, etc. Even longer ones like 23 days from Vancouver to Tahiti for $1,699 or Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale for $599. If you want a cruise, that is the place to go.

They have partner sites like listed at the bottom of the pages

Have fun!
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