Sub-letting a caravan: how much money can I make?
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I'm looking for guidance on hiring out a caravan

Please explain how much can I make for a 2-bedroom caravan (£20k original value? Also, how do I find a caravan park to site the caravan? Am I likely to nake money? How easy is it to go off-grid?

Thanks for any info.
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Some information about where you are looking to do this in the UK would help.

Given the cost of siting a caravan in a location where anyone might want to let it, the fact that many of those caravan parks have rules about how old the caravan can be, etc. I would not think this was a money-earner, no.

Also note that the value of the caravan itself depreciates dramatically over time. They have a limited lifespan.

And whether you can off-grid your caravan by eg parking it in a farmer's field, that is going to vary by local council but makes renting it out very difficult indeed.
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Airbnb includes people offering caravans as places for others to stay, for money. You might try looking for the caravan host/landlords nearest your area, to see what rates they charge. Also, check their reviews. If they don't have any reviews, then probably no one has taken them up on their offer.
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