Good curated Internet Radio stations?
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I'm looking for good curated, genre-oriented streaming radio stations. I'm already a fan of Soma FM and Digitally Imported but am always looking for more variety.

Genres I like: Electronica, trance, rock, classic rock, chillout/ambient, classical.

I'm especially interested in stations that have been curated by humans, not just tagged by genre like iTunes Radio. It would be nice to find some that were a bit less genre-focused too (i.e. playing a wide assortment of electronic genres rather than strictly "mid 90s deep house with female vocals".

With/without DJs, with/without commercials are fine. NOT INTERESTED IN Pandora, Spotify, or anything that auto-generates playlists based on what I like. I want stations with personality.

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Best answer: Songza
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Best answer: If you're willing to pay a little, Hearts of Space has been around forever and is fantastic.
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Best answer: For classical, there's Radio Stephansdom, which I believe is an actual radio station out of Vienna. They have very few station breaks and no commercials. They seem to play full works as well, i.e. entire operas and symphonies rather than just one movement or aria. (But on Sundays there's quite a bit more talking -- I don't speak German but it's cleary some kind of religious programming.)
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You know that they do have some curated stations on iTunes Radio, right? They call them "Guest DJ" stations, and while specific stations go in and out of availability, there are always a couple in the Featured Stations.
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Best answer: Radio Paradise is an amazing, amazing internet-only radio station. Genre is rock(ish) but it's very wide-ranging and includes every genre you list above. Its most defining point is how humanly curated the playlist is. If I were to give it any criticism it's for over-representing classic rock, but that station has been responsible for me discovering more new music than Pandora or anything else.
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Radio FG?
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Best answer: FIP Radio out of France is awesome.

There's even a FPP about it!
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I am partial to the community programed station (people sign up for shifts for music they love) WERU in Blue Hill Maine, which is quite ecclectic
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Dublin's Favourite Power FM is very often actual humans spinning actual plastic and has a wide range of mostly danceable tunes.

Lots of people love London's Kiss FM. I find them far too chatty myself but depending on your time zone you might be able to miss the day time.
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If you like Community Radio, I'd like to recommend our (Tampa Bay's) own WMNF.

Creative people, awesome DJ's, eclectic mix of shows, 24 hours a day.
Not counting all that NPR and Democracy Now stuff, of course.
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Another community radio option: KFAI, Twin Cities. Lots of different programs and genres here, and plenty of personality.
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Best answer: I don't know if it streams outside of Germany, but is probably right up your alley. The moderation is in German but the music selection fits your description.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I have some listening to do!
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8tracks is exactly what you're looking for.
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Also, KCRW has a ton of great DJs, and all their shows are archived. I like in particular Henry Rollins and Jason Bentley.
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It's a lot less active community-wise than it used to be, but EggRadio.
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