Bachelorette Weekend destination ideas in February
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Some friends are asking me to propose locations for my bachelorette party over Presidents Day weekend 2015. My challenges are: 1) finding destinations with comfortable weather in February 2) finding somewhere easy to get to from multiple locations: Philly/DC, Minneapolis, San Francisco 3) being mindful of cost 4) avoiding overlap with our honeymoon plans

Most of us are coming from the midwest or Northeast, so a warm-weather destination at that time of year would be ideal. However, i know that given time and cost constraints it may not be doable. In the end, finding somewhere easy to get to and affordable will probably win out over weather concerns, as we'll only have a 3-4 day trip.

My first thoughts were to do something like Sante Fe, New Orleans, or a beach town in Texas or Florida. It looks like Sante Fe is an option though cooler than i was hoping for at that time of year. New Orleans I think i have to rule out because I don't want to deal with Mardi Gras stuff (or cost inflation). And as for the beaches, my fiance and I are planning an all-inclusive beach honeymoon only a month later, so I don't want to do something that will make that trip less special.

My ideal weekend would consist of comfortable temps (really anywhere from 60 - 80) that will allow us to relax, hit up some wineries/breweries, have a good meal, go for a hike/bike ride, visit the sites, etc. I would envision us trying to rent property through VRBO or Airbnb rather than hotels, so recommendations there are also absolutely welcome. I'm open to cities or less urban locations, but would like to be somewhere within an easy (45 mins?) drive to the airport.
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Maybe a little more detail would help: First, what counts as "affordable"? (I have friends in DC who resent flying to events in Austin because the airfare is a few hundred bucks, whereas others will "pop over" to Europe just for the hell of it.)

Second, where's the honeymoon? If you're doing a beach getaway in Southern California or Baja, going to Puerto Rico for the bachelorette party will be beachy but still quite different.

That all said, my first thought is maybe around Charleston/Savannah. Beautiful area, lots to do, not too pricey, but a bit of a schlep from the West Coast.
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Santa Fe is probably not a great option for this trip. It will be pretty cold still-- definitely not in the 60-80 range. It's also fairly expensive, especially for the spa/relaxing type activities.

I'd go for New Orleans, hands down. Avoid Mardi Gras week and you should be fine.
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Suggestions: VEGAS! No really. You can have a great time, go for some gorgeous hikes, sit by the pool, and it's very central for lots of folks. These would also work: Austin, Miami or Florida, New Orleans, Napa/Sonoma/Russian River Valley/Savannah. Some of those wouldn't really be warm but would still be a lovely time together.

Keep in mind that wherever you pick, it'll be easily accessible for some friends and not at all for others. I've had some friends offer their miles to get me to a weekend like this, especially in situations where I'd be spending a TON of time in transit compared to other participants.

Is this kind of bachelorette weekend a regular occurrence in your circle? Are they also going to be attending your wedding, and paying for flights/hotels/food/car for that event? If so, I'd gently suggest you reconsider....
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Some places with generally cheap flights and temps on the lower end of (or a tad lower than) your target:
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Vegas or Phoenix/Scottsdale fit the bill. Sedona would be ideal, but cold and about 2 hours from Phoenix.

The days will be warm, not hot. You'll still need a sweater in February.
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Man I would have said New Orleans but that weekend is the crazy weekend for Mardi Gras so definitely don't do that.
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Austin, TX: Great nightlife, outdoorsy activities, spas, shopping, brunchy places, good music. A friend of mine just attended a Bach party on Lake Travis, they AirBnB'd a house with a pool and had a great time. Shouldn't be terrible flight wise for anyone either.

Denver has similar merits, may be cheaper to get to for most folks but not warm weather.
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Seaside/Destin in the Florida panhandle might be worth checking out. It should be pretty quiet that time of year, meaning not crawling with tourists like it is in the spring/summer. The beaches are beautiful, and there are lots of restaurants, and great outlet shopping. I would recommend staying at Watercolor if you do go there. You can rent individual houses/condos (sort of like Air BnB) if you all want to stay together, or you could rent rooms. It's right on the beach, very walkable and bike-able (they rent bikes to people staying at the hotel), and overall it's got a nice, cute beach town ambiance, but a lot of nicer amenities. If you like spa kind of stuff, I think that's probably available as well. You can also walk/bike from the beach at Watercolor to the Seaside, which has lots of cute shops and stuff.

It's been several years since I last visited, so maybe some of this has changed, but I would recommend looking into it. I think the Panama City airport should be a reasonable drive.

(Oh and fun fact: Seaside was used as the filming location for the Truman Show.)
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I live in and will be married in Philadelphia, but most of my family and many friends are in the midwest (except for my San Fran based sister). In the past friends have traveled for a bachelorette party when the wedding is a bit more local, but this was actually suggested by my midwestern friends who were angling to get somewhere warm this winter.

I think i'm the one calling it off in the end as its proving too difficult for me to plan time to travel back to the midwest for a bridal shower and separately to a warmer destination for a bachelorette party (especially on top of time off and travel for the wedding/honeymoon).

Will definitely consider these ideas in the future.
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